SAM Commercial Ltd aims to deal with all aspects of Business, Commercial Property, Sales and Lettings and Management.

If you are a Commercial Landlord, we can manage your portfolio, ensuring that Rents are collected on time, Notices are issued correctly, Rent Reviews are carried out at the allotted intervals, and new viable Tenants are found swiftly.

If you have a Commercial Property or business to sell, SAM Commercial have the contacts in the business world to refer your property to. Our marketing ensures that your property will also be placed in front of the relevant wider business audience using frontline E-Commerce Links.

When the time comes to sell your business, either from retirement, or just realisation of your assets, we are here to assist. SAM Commercial was set up to cater for the needs of all Commercial Landlords business in london when they wanted to sell their business, Sell or Let Commercial Property. We will evaluate your Business, Inventory, Market, Negotiate, Transact and Conclude your ‘Going Concern’ Business Transfer whilst ensuring total confidentiality.

Our Commercial Department is providing an effective route for landlords to maximise income through rent collection, rent review, lease renewal and planning gain.

We have a wealth of experience within the Commercial Property Management department and can provide first class knowledge on positive property management.

Clients enjoy the comfort of the RICS Clients Money Protection Scheme and strict adherence to the RICS Members’ Accounts Regulations

Landlord & Tenant

A happy landlord and tenant relationship relies on each having knowledge of their rights and exercising these in an intelligent and informed manner.

The use of evidence and in-depth understanding of Landlord and Tenant Law helps us provide robust, professional advice and reach agreements beneficial to our client and soundly based on fact, helping to avoid contention and, ultimately, cost.

Our in-depth involvement in the commercial market place provides specialists with the most up-to-date and complete understanding of the commercial environment.